Prologue of a love story

Her father’s voice talking to another person in the sala woke her from an afternoon nap. Slowly, she tiptoed towards the door and gently pressed her right ear to it, planning to eavesdrop, trying to recognize the person her Dad is talking to. But she failed, except that in her heart, she knew the voice is familiar, as if she knew its owner pretty well.

“Christine, come here. Someone’s waiting for you.” His father knew she’s already awake. She decided to come outside.

Her heart started to beat faster. At first it was just a thumping rhythm, until it slowly peaked she could hardly breath with so much excitement.

“Uhmm, Yes Dad..” she whispered.

“Come her sweetheart.” His Father’s face glowed as he saw his daughter from across the room. His beloved princess, for whom He’d want to give nothing but the best.

She threw herself into the loving arms of her Father, where she knew she always finds love unfading. The warmth of His embrace wrapped her entire being, calming her soul, sending her spirit to a place where it always felt like a piece of heaven.

“Its time for you to meet someone dearly special to me. He is a young man who I consider to be a man after My own heart. Well, he’s not perfect but, he’s the one I have prepared for you — all these years.”

She looked towards the direction of this young man, whose silhouette is only the thing she can see due to the bright afternoon light coming through the window behind him. Yet, although she can’t see his face, it feels like she knew him in her heart. Like they’ve known each other for long, as if their heartstrings are connected.

Then he  turned and started to walk slowly towards her, her knight in shining armor, her charming prince.

But before she could see his face, she woke up.

“Ahhh, that dream again! And why does it always have to end when I am about to see his face?!” She protested as she puts a pillow over her face, desperately trying to fall asleep again, in hopes of continuing that dream.

She is a typical teenage girl; a hopeless romantic like most girls her age, who believes that a fairy-tale kind of love story still do exist. And that except for the pumpkin and talking mice and a fairy godmother with a glass stiletto, she believes that a dashing prince and a romantic love story is waiting for her.

Waiting for her.

As she is also waiting for him.

She often dreams about that day.

In her heart, she knew, that day will come. The day when the Lord her Father would say to her prince, “take care of my beloved princess. Love her as I do.”

But for now, she knows she has to wait, wait and trust the greatest Author in making the best love story for her. A story where she is the princess, still a hopeless romantic. Only that in this story, no longer would she be dreaming.


2 thoughts on “Prologue of a love story

  1. Still waiting for my love story….but it warms my heart reading the article…it’s like putting my own dream into writing…something worth sharing….. 🙂

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