10 tips to be a godly boyfriend/husband

Original title: 10 Tips to encourage your girlfriend become your help-meet

Gentlemen, let us be like the Lord to our beloved. Let us imitate the way the LORD is to her Bride.

Below are 10 practical tips to becoming a godly boyfriend/husband:

1. Make your woman feel loved and secured… but not too comfortable.
2. Resist the urge of giving in to all her “lambing”. Even the Lord doesn’t answer YES to all our prayers.
3. Know her imperfections, guard her weakness and discipline her with love.
4. Teach her courage and independence by occasionally withdrawing your presence. Allow her to miss you once in a while.
5. Allow her to use her unique style in solving problems. Do not solve all her problems for her.
6. Let her learn from her mistakes and wrong decisions. It will make her wise.
7. Remind her that she is your rib. Teach her to protect your feelings. Let her know when you are angry, frustrated or disappointed, especially if she is the cause.
8. Make her responsible. Seek her advice to show that you value her opinion. Include her in your decision-making process.
9. Make her accountable. Make sure she shares with the reward and consequences of the decisions you made together.
10. Love her unconditionally. Be the kind of man that reminds her how much God loves her, whenever she is wrapped in your arms.

Remember: Girls love being pampered, but too much pampering can make them complacent and spoiled. Allow her to discover on her own that you are the man she cannot take for granted and cannot live without.

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