Prologue of a love story

Her father’s voice talking to another person in the sala woke her from an afternoon nap. Slowly, she tiptoed towards the door and gently pressed her right ear to it, planning to eavesdrop, trying to recognize the person her Dad is talking to. But she failed, except that in her heart, she knew the voice is familiar,…

Kaming Mga Babae

Disclaimer: I don’t own this one (obviously). Nakita ko lang sa FB wall  ng isang friend. I’m not a girl, pero gusto ko tong article kase, uhm, kase nakakalito ang mga babae? Wala eh, I think it’s designed to be like that.   (Pag may time ako gagawan ko ito ng version naman ng boys.)  …

Broken Vow: Lessons of Sex and Grace

“I wish I’m just joking. I wish it were all just a joke. But… but it’s not.” Her voice started to crack. She could hardly look at me as tears well up her eyes.

I looked out of the window to avoid seeing her tears. I can’t bear to see her face. I can’t believe that the face I likened to an angel, so pure and innocent could have committed that kind of sin.